Yu give your Case History and we dedicate a highly experienced Doctor to analyse your case.

Step 3: Give your Case History

Answer a Simple Questionnaire or Just Chat with our Doctors on the Phone, Your choice.

  • At Kushal Online your comfort is Prime. You get to choose your preferred language for consultation and the mode of communication.
  • You could answer a Simple Questionnaire to give us your latest Symptoms/Case History. 
  • If you prefer a direct One to One Conversation, you could opt to talk on phone or do a Video Consultation with our Doctors.
  • If you would rather prefer to give your symptoms via informal WhatsApp Chat, we could do that too, your comfort and convenience is most important.

Got a Question?

Ask any question about Homeopathy or about your illness before taking Online Treatment with us, we will be delighted to answer your Queries.

Important Points to Know

  • We will send you the link for the Questionnaire by e-mail after you have selected your Treatment Plan and made the Payment.

Questionnaire is to be filled Online by the patient or by a close family member/Guardian. Please give your case details precisely , carefully choosing each word to describe your symptoms

  • In case further clarification is required about your case history, we may ask you to elaborate certain details of your symptoms.

  • We believe in concept of Individualisation, therefore we give maximum weightage to peculiar, uncommon and characteristic symptoms of patient. A customized Consultation Form may be sent to you to get the complete picture of your complaints, as per requirement of your case.

  • We may contact you by Phone, SMS, Whats App, E-mail, Chat (on our website) or video call (Skype) as per requirement of your case.

Case Analysis and in-depth Evaluation of Symptoms of your case by our Panel of Doctors consisting of highly experienced and dedicated Homeopathic Doctors.You will need to fill a Simple Questionnaire to give us your latest Symptoms/Case History.