Homeopathy is a ray of hope for Parents of Autistic Children.

Autism or Autistic disorder is a neurological and developmental disorder in which a child appears to live in his/her own world and show limited attachment to others.

  • Autism usually appears during the first three years of child’s life.
  • Child shows little interest in others and a lack of social awareness is observed.
  • The focus of an autistic child is a consistent routine and includes an interest in repeating odd and peculiar behaviours.
  •  Autistic child often finds problems in communication; they avoid eye contact, and show limited attachment to others.
  • Autism can prevent a child from developing relationships with others due to an inability to interpret facial expressions or emotions.
  • These Children may resist cuddling; they like to play alone and are resistant to change.  Delayed speech development is seen in Autistic children.
  • Autistic Children language skill is delayed or it does not develop. When develops they repeat words or phrases like an echo (echolalia).
  • They tend to exhibit repeated body movements such as flapping hands or rocking and have unusual attachments to objects.
  • However, many persons with autism excel consistently on certain mental tasks like counting, measuring, art, music, memory etc. 

Autism & Homeopathy

Scope of Homeopathy and Line of Treatment:

  • It has a supportive role.
  • It promotes normal mental development.
  • Homeopathy works from inside and stimulates all round development.
  • It leads to formation of social bonding and attachment.
  • The scope of Homeopathic treatment varies from case to case as some patient may respond better and quicker while others may take a longer time to respond.